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welcome into the circle.


Intuition is real, tune in

Let's be real. Parenting is a wild ride. No book or site has it exactly right—in fact, the right answers live within you. Embracing our real, messy, imperfect selves not only supports our well-being but also holds the key to being better people. As we carve out space for ourselves, we discover mental clarity, inner empowerment, and the ability to advocate actively. The beauty of it lies in gaining more capacity to offer compassion to our kids. By modelling kindness, care, and love towards ourselves, we show our children how they can do the same for themselves. 

reclaim the journey 

Parenting with compassion is a practice, a daily gig, designed to meet ourselves and our kids with radical acceptance. 


Join me on this transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Together, let's light up the path to a more mindful and compassionate life. 

Thanks for connecting!

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