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Lauren Rivietz | Mindset + Empowerment Coach

I am so happy you landed here! I have been on a mindful journey for most of my life and I can't wait to share it with you.


Mindfulness was always my side-hustle. From an early age, I knew daily mindful routines were the antidote I needed to stay inspired, connected and thriving. My inner light was shining when I stayed true to myself.


But as I grew-up, I fell into emotional responses, accepted the labels, molded to social expectations and followed the crowds...

It wasn't until adulthood that I discovered firsthand (through burnout and breakthroughs) that when you part ways with your own inner guide, you dim your light and get in your own way.

The day I chose myself (over shame, fear, judgement, pleasing others, perfecting myself) was the day my light turned on high. I focused on owning my mindful practices, empowering my days with inward inspiration and pursuing my true path: helping the next generation connect to their own true guide.

My story is not unique, many experience the same struggles. And with the pressure and exposure our children face today - at home, in school, on social media, and socially - the need for a stronger connection to themselves, to stay true to who they truly are, is more important than ever.


Using creative mindful exercises, my mission is to help get your children in flow with everything needed to love, accept and act as your authentic self - unapologetically! 

Right now, let's go!



Everyone has a voice inside cheering them on, guiding the way. We just need to be reminded to listen - sometimes it speaks silently and flows to us unexpectedly.

This is my strong belief: The Magic is in YOU!

When we teach children to build a mindful relationship to themselves, to look within for guidance, strength and confidence, they will learn to love, accept and act as their authentic self and unleash their inner light to others in this world.

The MINDFLOW programs developed always integrate three core pillars to help connect children to their true voice within.

Mindful Empowerment

Mindfulness tools will empower children in creative ways to get into the present moment, manage emotions and self-talk, reach inward for guidance and lead with their authentic voice of love, confidence and compassion.


Action creates lasting change in our belief system, which is why we share easy-to-use routines, rituals, prompts and activities as a way to guide, inspire and motivate the way; and strengthen connection to their inner guide.

Meaningful Connections

We want kids to make a mindful connection inward, first, and then learn how to build important relationships with loved ones, friends, and important causes, too. All of these connections are touched upon and important to thrive.

Disclaimer: Workshops, programs and site content is not intended to replace medical or therapeutic advice.

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Custom 1:1 Programs

We offer customized Mindset + Empowerment coaching targeted to your needs. Please schedule a free discovery call to learn more.

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Creating pop-up monthly/weekly meet-up series to inspire and educate private groups, teams, classrooms and more is our jam! Book a call to learn more.

Curated Talks + Events

Let us design a purposeful talk and interactive exercises to educate your audience on the role of mindful empowerment and benefits of being in MINDFLOW.

Creative Consulting

We love to spread mindful empowerment tools and would be happy to consult with you. Contact us for information.

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