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20 Goal-getter phrase to use along the journey

When our kids are reaching for goals and making their way from point A to B, we want to help them know that the path won't be linear. And in fact, the journey is the best part! The end-goal is irrelevant. Sometimes, loving, kind and motivational words can help them regain focus and keep them on track when pivots, bumps and mess-ups happen along the way. Here are 30 phrases to remember, repeat and have your kids say to themselves when plans don't look exactly as they hoped.

  1. Know today that you can: let go of the old, focus on the now, and work to build something new.

  2. The power to start again begins each day, every hour, any minute, whenever you say so...just go for it!

  3. Progress over perfection, always

  4. Something to remember is that balance and breaks are essential and they are not given, so take what you need.

  5. Keep thoughts in the day and worries at bay

  6. Better an oops than a what if

  7. You are the superpower!

  8. Sit in your silence and find the words that are leading your way

  9. Morning Mantra: Life is always working out for me

  10. I will always remember that what is meant to be will find me

  11. NEW - a three letter word that often gets mistaken for fear but really represents magical opportunity

  12. Be gentle on yourself, you don't have to have it all figured out

  13. May you focus on following joy along the journey, for each moment can lead you to discovering unexpected greatness within

  14. Do it so that your light begins to shine brighter and brighter each day

  15. Creativity, compassion and courage - my favourite C words to live by

  16. The most joyous path includes failing forward, finding your voice inward, and following everything fun

  17. I promise, direction is more important than your speed

  18. Hold the vision and let life surprise you - maybe it will turn out better than you think

  19. Take time in your magic zone, exploring all your dreams for they become reality in this space

  20. How wonderful it is to have a mind that appreciates your growth, loves your now and hopes for your future dreams

Looking for a craft? Use these words (or their own words) as an art project by writing them on a canvas, structure, planter or any material you'd like to motivate a positive mindset. You can place the words somewhere they will see it daily, as a motivator to repeat the phrase and therefore wire the brain to know, they got this!

We've done this on a planter and every time we watered the plant we repeated the phrase.

Let me know how it goes!

Sending love,


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