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Happy Life Rules…I wish I knew younger

As a parent, it can be so humbling and even eye-opening to watch your children grow.

They experience situations, much like your own past, with school struggles, friendships, dating and self-esteem that reminds us how precious and delicate the tween/teen years really are.

And as parents, If you can take a mindful step back and reflect on our own experiences, you could oftentimes find that the advice you would have wanted to hear is the advice you can now share with our little ones, as they take on the world. Even sharing personal experiences is a powerful tool in helping your children gain perspective when they face their own challenges.

Like many of you, my happy life rules have evolved - much over the past few years, actually.

And while it comes in so many forms, specific to situations of course, the more general rules on how to lead a happy life are fairly consistent and go something like this:

IT'S ALWAYS YOU VS. YOU. You can be your own worst enemy or your own best friend.

Find time to listen to your inner guide, the voice that lights you up. Even when she speaks in feelings and emotions, listen. She knows the way.

Be kind to yourself, comforting when you need support, and motivating when you need a boost.

Know your values and intentions, they are your North Star. But allow them to change overtime.

Take the advice you give to others. It’s often what you need to hear most, too.

Be the person you want to meet. You don’t need to like everyone, but kindness gets you far and you never know when paths will cross.

Difficult situations are blessings. They let you see what you like and don’t like. Every experience is meaningful and creates more desires.

Learn how to be present. Use your breath and find an anchor that keeps you grounded daily.

Keep thoughts in the day, worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet is energy wasted.

Find ways to give yourself energy by focusing on something you love - nature, lego, art, dance, laughter, sleep, etc.

The path others have taken does not need to be your own. Create your own road.

Don’t take everything so seriously. Find your flow, have fun!

So, what is your happy life advice that you want to pass along?

You can even work together, with your children, to develop a Happy Life List. This is an empowering tool to use, as a guide to life, and a reference for when your child(ren) are faced with a challenging situation. Little reminders that they can access independently go a long way to building their inner dialogue and self-compassion.

You can even take it one step further and have them create their own lists, specific to their needs, values and routines. Get real with it, check in on it periodically, and make it a meaningful moment to connect.

Sending love,


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