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Ready for a BTS Mindset Boost?

Here we are once again, getting ready for a brand new school year. For many kids and families, this is an incredibly exciting time. It's filled with enjoyable challenges, a change in routine, and a chance to make new friends. However, for some, the idea of returning to school might bring about feelings of nervousness or uncertainty.


While we remember that all thoughts and emotions are completely normal, offering understanding support for your family and child can help lighten the load of emotions they're carrying.

As a parent myself, I've personally experienced the whirlwind of both internal and external changes that the new school year brings. Let's be honest, this shift can sometimes catch us off guard. And each year comes with its own unique set of experiences – parents included!

In my role as a coach, I firmly believe in filling your Life Toolbox with mindset and compassion tools, alongside fostering unbreakable family bonds. That's why, as we prepare for the upcoming school year, I've put together an eBook designed to help your family and child in navigating this big transition. I found it valuable for my family, and know that you will uncover gems in here too!

Lessons will teach you how to:

  • simply start talking about BTS thoughts and feelings

  • channel your inner buddy - big action here!

  • balance school pressure with scheduled joy

  • let go of thoughts that are slowing you down

  • empower yourself with a motivational guide

  • give your routine the shake-up it needs to get you energized - family bonding included :)

Parents, what I've learned is that your role is especially pivotal in guiding your child through this transition back to school. I know it because I live it.

Just like how we sometimes experience a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions, your support acts as a steady hand that helps your child navigate through the ups and downs. This eBook is a designed to help during these big waves - use this guide to open up the BTS conversation and connect in a way that says, "Hey, we're all in this together, and we've got each other's backs!"

But let's be clear – this guide isn't about fixing anything. You and your family are already complete just as you are. This is all about empowerment. It's a springboard for exploration, a way to discover what truly resonates with your child and your family, as you set the stage for an extraordinary school year journey.

So, if you are seeking valuable info and actionable tools that will help you and your child transition into the new school year, The BTS Roadmap is for you! If you are hoping to build strong family connections and powerful skills together, download this eBook.

Ready to get started? Grab The BTS Roadmap, just by clicking below!!!

The BTS Roadmap _ Lauren Rivietz
Download PDF • 5.36MB

I hope this offers comfort, guidance, connection and a resource to turn to during the transition ahead. You got this!

Lauren xo

And one last thing! If you are interested in learning about more mindful compassion practices or want to amp-up your family’s connection practice, reach out!

Disclaimer: content shared is not medical advice or therapy. If you are in need of further support, please seek guidance from your physician or medical professional.

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