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The best way to start your summer - intentionally

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Summer transitions can be super exciting to some. Worrisome to others. And downright daunting to those that feel like they don't have a path they're following.

Like so many of us women, we often worry that we are going to let the summer fly by without accomplishing what we want to achieve. And I am not talking about goals here.

No, goals are all about doing.

I am talking all about the good juicy stuff we want to see bloom within this summer:

- Restore

- Adventure

- Presence

- Connection

- Creativity

- Calm

- Fun

...and all the things we oftentimes let fly by and not come our way when we are not taking time to connect our mind and body intentionally before we get moving and rushing in our day.

Last week, I was at my beautiful friend, Liat Horovitz's Summer Kickoff Retreat, in the most magical backyard oasis, and 14 women got to talking, with me, all about being more intentional with their summer days.

We first paused to talk about the difference of intentions v. our goals, and importance of knowing how to intention set - and things get tricky! because being guided by intentions is very different than goals...

Goals are great but they are all about a “doing” mindset. They are designed to help you move forward, achieve, but they are not always guiding. It feels so nice to cross-off the to-do list, I get that! However, if the doing it's not connected to your North Star (that's what I call intentions, the true desire you have for your life, family, business) than who cares?! You accomplished something that doesn't meet where and who you want to be. And we don't want to spend a summer growing like that.

What we want is to find your goals bestie - your intention.

That's your desired feeling that allows you to stay connected to you, and open to being creative, inspired and flowing naturally.

What does that mean?

An Intention is all about being on a journey with yourself, reaching for a desired outcome but not knowing the way it's going to shape up. This summer, you can identify and decide how you are going to feel. What path you want to head down. But you need to pause, first.

When you take a moment to set your summer up, and then each day connect to HOW YOU WANT TO FEEL, you then determine your mood, rather than the other way around. You decide how you show up. You decide where you place your attention. And you decide what is a yes or no. Do you feel that?

An example could be to set the Intention of, I want to see the good in every situation this summer.

That is measurable, achievable, you aren't doing anything differently, you are just elevating your mindset with a shift in perspective, focusing on feeling good in a way that feels right to you.

In this way, an Intention helps you change your energy and mood overtime and reach your desire to feel good!

What I love about intentions is that they allow for self-direction - you dig into what feelings you want to experience more of, versus what expectations you may be experiencing from others.

It’s also not an instant win. You’re holding yourself lovingly and compassionately accountable to learning and growing everyday. An intention can be used as an anchor you come back to daily. You go through many experiences throughout the day and you can use the intention to evaluate your actions, determine if you are meeting your needs. This is very different than reaching for a goal. You are bettering yourself for the purpose of feeling good to you. Period.

By setting an intention for the summer, you are learning to listen to your needs, you are becoming your own guide and you are allowing it to be meaningful, motivational and fun!

You can even integrate daily habits that reinforce this good feeling intention, like journal tracking, mirror talks, morning breathing, weekly intention reflection where you can review how it's going and how you're feeling. These are more opportunities for fun, growth and good feeling thoughts.

So if you're looking for a way to be more intentional and self-directed this summer, I got you!

Download my Summer Intention Guide.

You get to go through 3 Proactive steps:

  1. Reach within to set your desire. Listen to your inner voice and determine how you want your summer to shape up!

  2. Decide how you want to feel. Guess what? Your feelings are totally 100% in your control. This questions is one of my most favourite empowerment questions I keep in my toolbox. Ask this question to set-up the summer, but also any time you need a boost in any situation, starting your day, walking into an event or meeting. It's all up to you.

  3. Figure out how you will BE (not do!). You need time to be still, add more love and presence within you, for you. Like the examples I gave above, find time for you to be with you, and let that inward knowing and creativity shine.

The last two steps are powerful reminders that help you remember you got your own back!

  1. How can you be kind to you? When things feel off, what can you say to yourself to be kind, comforting and caring? Can you give yourself a hug?

  2. How will you take a break when you need it? The summer passes by fast. When goals get in the way of your being or your finding that the inspiration and motivation is stuck, break. Note a couple of ways you can tune into something unrelated to what you are focusing on. Talk to a friend, go for a run, listen to music. Just do you. Disconnect and to then reconnect with better clarity. Works every time!

And then flip to the backside. Look at your common themes. Pick 1-3 words that will drive your intentions this summer.

Do this for you. And do this with your older children, too! It's a great way to transition into summer feeling good and in control of personal feelings, thoughts and desires.



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