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The Mini Pep-Talks Card Deck is your go-to guide for sparking inward inspiration in kids navigating the adventures of adolescence! Think of each card as a mini map leading to empowering lessons about self-love, acceptance, and authenticity.


Parents-These cards go beyond individual conversation starters; they're keys to fostering meaningful connections within your home.


And, educators! In classrooms, these cards transform into compasses, steering students toward cultivating growth mindsets. They're not just tools; they're the compass guiding students to discover their inner resilience, confidence, emotional intelligence, and creativity.

Mini Pep-Talk Card Deck for Kids

  • Mother of three - "Our family loves your mini pep-talk cards. An awesome conversation starter and it’s pretty amazing to listen to their thoughts and feelings on some of the topics you’ve perfectly created in these cards!"


    Daily kickstarter - "These are the best! We use them every morning at breakfast for daily motivation."


    Educator - "As a part of mental health education and awareness, we pulled a new card daily with the class to create a thoughtful group discussion. The kids were so sad when we finished the deck that we are moving on to the camp cards next! They are fabulous!

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