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This 30 Interactive Card Deck is expertly tailored to help campers cultivate calmness and stay connected to their authentic selves during the exciting journey of summer camp - even when miles away from home!


These cards are designed to guide young minds through new experiences, offering valuable lessons to:

  • Learn essential mindset tools
  • Navigate social situations with confidence
  • Boost self-assurance
  • Cultivate compassion
  • Express gratitude
  • Tune in to their inner voice


But that's not all! The cards are a gateway to creativity, helping campers prepare for and connect with the camp environment even before they arrive. Campers can read, color, and write on the cards independently, whether it's to kickstart their day, during downtime, for a mindset boost, or to find comfort when missing home.


Bonus Feature: Several cards serve as a creative reminder for campers to send heartfelt letters home! These cards are not just tools; they're companions for an enriching and fulfilling camp experience.

Mini Pep-Talks - Sleepover Camp Edition

  • I just wanted to thank you again for creating such beautiful mini pep-talk cards. Sending my daughters off to camp today, knowing they could refer to the cards made me feel a sense of relief and gratitude. Keep doing your incredibly important and beautiful work. I am in awe. 

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